We've come to the end of a long run...

After much deliberation and consideration, Tim and Scott are announcing the close of Simply Instrumental as the Guide to Marching Band activity in southwestern Indiana. They want to assure you that their decision has not been one made lightly or in haste, but instead results from a culmination of many factors.

The guys would like to thank everyone, including the directors, instructors, parents and all the kids that have supported the website during it's 14 year run. They'd also like to especially thank their spouses who put up with their crazy hobby these last 14 years. They are still amazed and overwhelmed at its success and even more at the support and kindness generated as a result of what they considered a mere hobby. They would also like to thank The Band Shoppe who, as their first and only sponsor, provided SI clothing for the guys to weather the elements from August through October.

When they started the site in 1997, their goal was simply to raise awareness of this great activity when newspapers and other media failed to take notice. Since its humble beginning, nine (9) full classes of bandos have passed through the 30+ band rooms across southern Indiana and the guys couldn't be more proud to have been a part of that history.

They have each taken hundreds of thousands of images over the life of the site. Many of which have their own story. Several have been used by local news print, some by textbook publishers, many by directors and instructors for their end-of-season slideshows, but one touched them deeply. It was used by two very special band parents to create the tombstone used for the grave of their child, a band member lost too early from an illness. The guys have touched many lives over the life of this mere hobby, but many have touched their lives as well.

In their absence, others, that have picked up the baton they created those many years ago, will continue providing excellent coverage of the activity. Sites such as Indiana MarchingPhotography by Bateman and ShootMyPhoto are excellent examples of resources for everyone involved or anyone that follows the activity. We encourage you to not only patronize their sites, but to provide them the same support SI has received over the years.

They also never throw anything away, so please feel free to reach out to the guys if you'd like original copies of any image you know they've taken. We're confident they'll appreciate your interest.

The guys hope you have enjoyed the site over the years and can appreciate their bringing it to an end. Although they believe it's the right time, they also feel they're saying goodbye to an old friend and ask that we sign them off as forever MB Fans.

The SI Guys